Quilt Battings & Backings
Whatever your preference Quilts By Request uses quality batting. whether you call it batting, padding or wadding, it is an essential layer and gives your quilt it's warmth. we can decide which batting is right for your quilt. Batting made from different fibers vary greatly in warmth, breathability and comfort. I use Mountain Mist which comes in cotton or polyester and Warm 'n' Natural Cotton. Some others I keep on hand are a Cotton/Silk or a Poly/Silk both available in a 95%/5% silk blend. The polyesters are available in varying lofts from 1/8"-1/4" low loft or 1/4"-1/2" medium loft or 1/2"-5/8" high loft. I have 50/50% bamboo/cotton and 100% bamboo battings.  By request, I have also made summer quilts with NO batting. I also have a hypo-allergenic polyester made with corn instead of petroleum products. this item is very good for baby quilts.

Cotton is the most popular choice among quilters. It is soft, washable and can accept very detailed quilting. it is cool and comfortable to sleep under, it drapes well and keeps it's shape after the initial shrinkage. It softens with age, washing and use. it is thinner than poly but it is heavier. Cotton doesn't hold the heat but it traps air and this cushion of air is what keeps you warm. Polyester battings are thicker but lighter than cottons and also cost less. the Polyester fibers don't breathe so you CAN overheat. polyester fibers are strong and hold shape even with repeated washing. The backings I use are muslins. these come in neutral colors from a light eggshell to the tea-dyed muslins, these fabrics are sometimes very thin so I am particular when buying them. I have used a super muslin which is a heavier fabric. one of the fabrics in the front can be used for the back, but this is more costly when buying fabrics from quilt shops. Then there are flannels, these come in pastels, bright colors, dark colors and also many prints.

For finishing the quilt, I own a 2010 Ken Quilt Dutchess (click here) that I stitch them with, we can discuss the stitching pattern and thread colors that I have. The prices quoted are for tied with embroidery thread or stitched with any of my several meander patterns and single colored thread. Custom quilting and variegated thread available on request and is extra. Some prefer their quilts tied and I also can do that for a finish.