Quilt Testimonials

The quilts made by Jeanne are of exceptional quality. She incorporates unique patterns with bold colors for some of the most beautiful quilts
I have seen. I also love her bags. They are so durable and eye-catching. My teacher friends often ask where I got them. - JoAnn Hermann
I gathered my son's favorite shirts and took them to Jeanne. i was afraid to drop them off because they held special memories for my
daughter and myself. I shed a few tears, thinking what if...I don't get them back. Needless to say Jeanne did an awesome T-shirt memorial quilt. Not one but two for myself and for my daughter. I was hesitant at first to use the quilt but she made it very durable. So if you have clothing of a loved one that has made their journey to heaven, take it to Jeanne, she will work her magic! Thanks again, Jeanne. I love to curl up with a good book or watch a good movie and have my son's quilt wrapped around me. May others be blessed with your gift of quilting!!! - Donna Kunkel
(P.S. A close family friend had Rhett's t-shirts for a while and couldn't cut them up. After Donna had the quilt for a few months she told me about wrapping up in his quilt to take a nap and had the most vivid dream of Rhett that she'd had in a long time. We were standing in the middle of a baby shower hugging and crying with a party going on all around us. - Jeanne)
I absolutely love all 9 quilts Jeanne has made for me. I snuggle up in my "wolf" quilt every night, but each quilt is special. I like that I can choose any theme and size I want. Jeanne uses the highest quality materials for every quilt. I will cherish every quilt forever! - Susan Cochran
Mom loves the quilt, she wraps it around herself with the shirts against her. She says it reminds her of laying her head on daddy's chest.
- Tina (about Lucille's quilt)
Jeanne has completed 8 UFO's for me. They were heirlooms from my husbands family. She did a beautiful job completing them. The grands & great grands will cherish them for years to come. Thank you for making their Christmas special & to carry on my grandparents traditions! - Shirley
Jeanne has an amazing eye for style & putting together complimentary beautiful colors for her quilts. Each one is handcrafted with love & care. The quilts are stitched with amazing detail & are beautifully handcrafted. Everyone should want to own a quilt like this in their home! - Vicky Creason